Genshin Impact for PC: GAME OVERVIEW

You arrive in Teyvat from another world, with your sister or brother. Parted on arrival, stuck in this universe, start asking for answers from the Seven – the gods of each element.

In the mission, you will be accompanied by Paimon, a nice guide who shows you the way through dangerous forests, cities, and mazes. The mission may put you in front of ruthless enemies and difficult puzzles, but over 30 allies are eager to join you in a gang of no more than four and help you with the power of the elements. Download Genshin Impact for PC.

Along the way you can explore the wonders of this world, you can ally with different characters and you can solve the countless mysteries of Teyvat.

Explore Teyvat as you like

Fly through the open universe, swim in the sea, climb mountains and leave the beaten path. You can follow the story or have fun walking around the world. Teyvat has a lot to show for it.

Genshin impact – Add up to four members to the gang

Choose who you go to fight with. You can choose the four members of the gang from a list of 30 characters – each with different abilities, a different personality and a different fighting style. Who do you choose? Jean, the current master of the knights? Lisa, the witch who can unleash the energy of lightning?

Command and combine Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Anemo, Dendro, Cryo and Geo to solve puzzles and launch destructive attacks. Travel or hunt with others
Enter the battle without any help or ask your friends to support you in the battles with dangerous monsters and in trying to elucidate the secrets of the universe.

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