Genshin Impact for PC: GAME OVERVIEW

You arrive in Teyvat from another world, with your sister or brother. Parted on arrival, stuck in this universe, start asking for answers from the Seven – the gods of each element.

In the mission, you will be accompanied by Paimon, a nice guide who shows you the way through dangerous forests, cities, and mazes. The mission may put you in front of ruthless enemies and difficult puzzles, but over 30 allies are eager to join you in a gang of no more than four and help you with the power of the elements. Download Genshin Impact for PC.

Along the way you can explore the wonders of this world, you can ally with different characters and you can solve the countless mysteries of Teyvat.

Explore Teyvat as you like

Fly through the open universe, swim in the sea, climb mountains and leave the beaten path. You can follow the story or have fun walking around the world. Teyvat has a lot to show for it.

Genshin impact – Add up to four members to the gang

Choose who you go to fight with. You can choose the four members of the gang from a list of 30 characters – each with different abilities, a different personality and a different fighting style. Who do you choose? Jean, the current master of the knights? Lisa, the witch who can unleash the energy of lightning?

Command and combine Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Anemo, Dendro, Cryo and Geo to solve puzzles and launch destructive attacks. Travel or hunt with others
Enter the battle without any help or ask your friends to support you in the battles with dangerous monsters and in trying to elucidate the secrets of the universe.


Among Us: OFFICIAL announcement that SURPRISED ALL PLAYERS

Among Us is one of the most popular games of the moment in the online environment, the title “appearing out of nowhere” and generating great interest worldwide from millions, and millions, of users, especially those who make live on YouTube and Twitch.

among us game free download

Among Us is extremely popular, and the game’s developers know this, so try to keep the world as busy as possible with their title, so we have an official announcement that will most certainly be enjoyed by many people who play this game. Download Among Us game from

Among Us has announced a new map by its developer, and below you can see the official message that was published by the creators of the title, and the unveiling of the new map would take place on December 10, during an event dedicated to games.

Among Us will have an extremely interesting new map that will give players new reasons to explore the virtual world more closely, and find the right locations to kill those they play against as impostors.

Among Us surprised everyone with its popularity, and this in the conditions in which we are talking about a title that quickly reached the attention of all people without initially having so much promotion, but the gameplay is attractive enough.


Amazon Alexa Echo and Alexa app for PC

Amazon Echo is an interactive portable speaker whose main advantage is not necessarily its acoustic performance, but its intelligence. Specifically, this S.F. must be seen as a robot with unlimited access to information, it is enough just to address it locally to find out the answer to any question.

amazon alexa app for mobile and pc

We will try to offer you, in the following, an objective review, guidelines to the best price, and opinions of customers, which we invite you to express in the comments section, at the bottom of the page.

The Amazon Echo portable speaker uses the Alexa system through which all commands will be made locally. With the help of the internet connection (wi-fi), this device will turn into an omniscient friend, being able to answer any question, tell you the latest news, provide you with information about the weather, traffic, or other topics of interest. and even tell you jokes. See the Amazon Alexa app for PC at

The configuration of the Amazon Echo portable speaker will be done through the official website Thanks to the 7 microphones placed in a circle, the speaker will intercept any voice command, no matter what angle it comes from, even while playing music. Before addressing them, you must say the word, Alexa, to activate the system, and then you can say any question.

The artificial intelligence of the Amazon Echo portable speaker amazes even the most demanding technology enthusiast. It can be connected to various compatible systems, such as the interior lighting system, the room thermostat, or the TV, which you will control remotely, once you have ordered an order. Currently, it is compatible with WeMo, Phillips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Nest, Wink, or Insteon, but, as it is constantly evolving, the updates it makes automatically will give you more advantages over time.

Acoustic quality, even if we mention in the header that it is not the main advantage, rises to a very good level and is ahead only because the other feature (artificial intelligence) is perhaps the most advanced at present. We were surprised by the power of the depth of the bass player from such a compact and refined venue. Also, distortion is minimal even at high volumes, but don’t expect the sound intensity to support a full-fledged party, for example.


The great Anaheim Apps Challenge

A challenge where anyone can help Anaheim win.

The Internet is revolutionizing how we connect with each other and the world we live in. In the City of Anaheim, we want to be on the forefront of offering valuable online “apps” that enhance the many interactions you have with the City to make your life more enjoyable and productive.

Tell us what would you like to be able to do online

It could be a way to make your favorite activity more convenient. Make a trip more efficient. Or improve access to valuable information and important services. We’re looking for your ideas that will improve the quality of life in Anaheim and the public’s interaction with our city.

Anyone from anywhere is invited to participate

You don’t need to be an Anaheim resident to enter. Share an “app” that might make your city or any city a better place to live. Or one you wish your town offered. Or maybe one you tried and liked while traveling. If you think your idea would benefit folks in Anaheim, we want to hear from you.