Among Us: OFFICIAL announcement that SURPRISED ALL PLAYERS

Among Us is one of the most popular games of the moment in the online environment, the title “appearing out of nowhere” and generating great interest worldwide from millions, and millions, of users, especially those who make live on YouTube and Twitch.

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Among Us is extremely popular, and the game’s developers know this, so try to keep the world as busy as possible with their title, so we have an official announcement that will most certainly be enjoyed by many people who play this game. Download Among Us game from

Among Us has announced a new map by its developer, and below you can see the official message that was published by the creators of the title, and the unveiling of the new map would take place on December 10, during an event dedicated to games.

Among Us will have an extremely interesting new map that will give players new reasons to explore the virtual world more closely, and find the right locations to kill those they play against as impostors.

Among Us surprised everyone with its popularity, and this in the conditions in which we are talking about a title that quickly reached the attention of all people without initially having so much promotion, but the gameplay is attractive enough.

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