Amazon Alexa Echo and Alexa app for PC

Amazon Echo is an interactive portable speaker whose main advantage is not necessarily its acoustic performance, but its intelligence. Specifically, this S.F. must be seen as a robot with unlimited access to information, it is enough just to address it locally to find out the answer to any question.

amazon alexa app for mobile and pc

We will try to offer you, in the following, an objective review, guidelines to the best price, and opinions of customers, which we invite you to express in the comments section, at the bottom of the page.

The Amazon Echo portable speaker uses the Alexa system through which all commands will be made locally. With the help of the internet connection (wi-fi), this device will turn into an omniscient friend, being able to answer any question, tell you the latest news, provide you with information about the weather, traffic, or other topics of interest. and even tell you jokes. See the Amazon Alexa app for PC at

The configuration of the Amazon Echo portable speaker will be done through the official website Thanks to the 7 microphones placed in a circle, the speaker will intercept any voice command, no matter what angle it comes from, even while playing music. Before addressing them, you must say the word, Alexa, to activate the system, and then you can say any question.

The artificial intelligence of the Amazon Echo portable speaker amazes even the most demanding technology enthusiast. It can be connected to various compatible systems, such as the interior lighting system, the room thermostat, or the TV, which you will control remotely, once you have ordered an order. Currently, it is compatible with WeMo, Phillips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Nest, Wink, or Insteon, but, as it is constantly evolving, the updates it makes automatically will give you more advantages over time.

Acoustic quality, even if we mention in the header that it is not the main advantage, rises to a very good level and is ahead only because the other feature (artificial intelligence) is perhaps the most advanced at present. We were surprised by the power of the depth of the bass player from such a compact and refined venue. Also, distortion is minimal even at high volumes, but don’t expect the sound intensity to support a full-fledged party, for example.

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